EYAI - Enhancing Young Adults' Independence
EYAI is looking for donations to buy Stone chapel, which EYAI would like to restore using local companies working alongside our clients to make it useable for the local community which will include a cafe.  please see our donate page for more info.

Giving practical and vocational skills to young people, who are actively seeking work, improving their employability

Great news.... EYAI has relaunched.  Referral packs are now available on request.  Please continue to refer new clients to us 


Be on time

Be motivated

Come into your meetings and employment with a positive attitude



Become a desirable job candidate

Learn new skills in paid employment

Reach your potential

Become more positive and confident

EYAI is looking for more local companies to support our clients in Aylesbury, Thame and South Oxfordshire, whilst they also work with our mentors located in these areas.

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