EYAI - Enhancing Young Adults' Independence


Why we decided to start EYAI

EYAI was started by Jo Brown and Rev'd Pippa Soundy in 2012.

As an outreach youth worker Jo has watched various teenagers grow up into young adults with for whatever reason no practical experience or qualifications to gain employment.  Some have been out of work for a long time.

With this in mind Jo and Pippa wanted to see more provisions for them when they get to the stage ‘in their growing up’ to want to be working.

Pippa has always support Jo with her outreach youth work and so between them were able to come up with an idea of how to put Jo's knowledge and passion for supporting young adults together,  with the help of skilled workers in various trades alongside mentoring support to build up the self confidence they will have lost through negative experiences trying to gain and stay in education and/or employment. 

Jo's background

Jo has a degree in Business leadership and Social Sciences with Open University.

During child care positions Jo has attended Child protection courses, first aid training in schools and work places and confidential information security.

After school, Jo started her child care career as a nanny and whilst her own children were young, child-minding  and setting up and running play schemes, after school clubs and youth clubs. 

Her son is special needs which  has been difficult but has given her a chance to work with social services, connections, police and Young Offenders team.  which once her son was needing less support included working for them as an employee. 

Due to the problems Jo's experienced and has worked with over the years, she has a lot of empathy for the young adults as they struggle to grow into positive members of their communities.

Pippa's background

Pippa and Jo met whilst Jo was working as the youth worker for Holmer Green Christ Church and she also supported Jo during her work as an age group leader for Hazlemere Lighthouse over 5 years. Jo supported Pippa throughout her Vicar training.

Pippa’s out look on Church work has always been in an outreach capacity, working with and for local communities and has been working in four small villages. She particularly wants to encourage more use of the churches and long term would like to see many more churches premises utilised for their communities.  

Sadly Rev. Pippa Soundy died 12 April 2021 after a long fight with cancer.  Her input and continued support into EYAI will be deeply missed.

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