EYAI - Enhancing Young Adults' Independence

Success Stories

Over the summer, EYAI mentor has been working with various young adults supporting them with CV development and interview skills and they have all successfully found and gained employment.

We have opened the  EYAI Community Cafe at Stone village hall, the aim is to have 2 clients who will be volunteering to build their confidence and independence prior to taking positions in the community.


Through our new contract with the careers team at Pebble brook school, Jack started working with a mentor, however, he was not ready to work in the community. He's since been looking for summer jobs having now completed school he has started a construction training course.


Luke has successfully completed his 12 weeks training at the Aston Clinton Kennels and Cattery with a paid job for two years.

During an interview with Oxford Radio, the introduction to EYAI was:-
"EYAI help young adults' desperate to work but struggle to get their foot in the door."
Luke's feedback
"I wanted to work with animals but a lot of the positions required qualifications and experience so I found it really difficult to get anywhere to accept me.
I just always found that I work better learning on the job and doing practical work than sitting in a classroom working from a board.  It's definitely had an impact and struggle on me and my family.
I have found EYAI very supportive and very friendly and their very easy to get along with.  At first I was very nervous about it all but settled down very quickly as I got used to using their services.  It's given me a lot of confidence and it gave me a lot of opportunities which has helped me improve.  
Some things we worked on is just general confidence which has been the main issue with me but meeting new people has boosted my confidence a lot.  They've also helped with organisation and time management and kept in constant communication and it's allowed me to gain a good position and good experience and improve my skills."
After two years, Luke's position sadly came to an end due to personell changes within the company, but with his new abilities and confidence was able to find another full time position on his own within a month. 
Other clients
We have referred to other organisations where Young Adults' are not ready for placements in the community, i.e. Restore in Oxford, client is now doing very well increasing their days with them.
We have had four Young Adults' who have had initial mentoring to increase self confidence with employment guidence and gone on to find a new job for themselves. 
One client has supported us during fundraising events and used his own experience with us when talking to potential clients.

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