EYAI - Enhancing Young Adults' Independence

Work With Us

You, as a tradesmen have work available and ability to train a young adult (client), we would invite you to contact us with what help is needed. The time scale and how you will be able to support the client learn the necessary skills including health and safety and skills to be able to do the job efficiently and safely. 

EYAI would like to aim at 12 week's training for at least 2 working shifts a week.

You, as a tradesman will also be required to cover them under the employers staff insurance.

After the initial conversation with our team member, we would arrange a meeting with yourself, the mentor and the client, if you are still happy to give them a chance in your business a start date would be organised and the first meetings for yourself and the client with the mentor would also be arranged.  These can take place by phone, email or in person depending on what is convenient for you and the client.

We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for supporting our local young adults to become productive members of our community.

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